About Lakeland

History of Lakeland

HistoryWhile today the City of Lakeland is primarily known as a residential community with beautiful lake-front properties and tree-canopied roads, the area that eventually became the town was originally founded in the 1960s as “Lake Land”, the amusement park. The park, centered around the man-made Garner Lake, consisted of thrill rides, a steamboat ride, a train ride, a fully lighted drag strip, and a skyride from the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair. Years after the amusement park closed, the basic route of the train ride’s tracks became what is today known as Huff Puff Road.

Lakeland Today

houseThe City of Lakeland is located in northeast Shelby County, within the metropolitan area of Memphis. Comprised of 17.62 square miles of land area, the city features a number of lakes, ponds, creeks, parks and other recreational sites that enhance the quality of life for residents of the area.

Today Lakeland is a forward-thinking community that pleasantly combines a rural atmosphere with urban amenities.


Demographics of the Lakeland Area

Population: 12,622
Number of Households: 2,496
Family Households: 1,896 (76%)
Non-Family Households: 600 (24%)
Median Household Income: $79,202
Median House or Condo Value: $263,836
Median Contract Rent: $1,026
Unemployment Rate: 2.7%
Residents below the poverty level: 2.3%
Median Resident Age: 37